Egg Wars

Project Details

Roles: Project Owner, Lead Programmer, Gameplay Designer

Time: 8 Weeks

Team Size: 6

Tools: Unity, Perforce, Miro


A brother and his even younger brother go on a fantasy adventure in their own backyard. Defeat the obstacles in your way and succeed on your quest to obtain the holy eggs! Egg Wars is a single player strategy game that walks the player through a short knitted narrative about two young brothers who have been given the enormous task of retrieving eggs for dinner. And even though the little brother seems reluctant, he follows along on the adventure as his big brother leads the way. Along the way you'll come face to face with fortifications and roadblocks set up by neighboring kids who are playing the part of forest bandits. Egg Wars is an experience that we are sure will remind you of a simpler time when playing around in the woods was one of the greatest adventures in life. Egg Wars shies away from the steep learning curve some strategy games will offer. As a player, you'll figure out the controls and tactics quick enough, and the fun part becomes then to use that simplicity to figure out different tactical approaches. With versatile abilities, close encounter arenas, and obstacles to hide behind, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the experience!

My part

For this project I was the lead programmer and helped out with some of the core design. 

Gameplay Loop

Core Mechanic