About Me

About Me

I believe the first game I ever played was Super Mario on the NES. Ever since then I've always been attracted to this kind of media and entertainment. The chance to step away for a moment and enter a whole other world was immensly intriguing to me.

I'm also a person that just loves to see the inner workings of things and what makes it tick. Which is why before going on the route of game development I studied a bit in medicin. However combining the love for games and my curiosity for the way something works led me to the path of game development and I've never felt more passionate about something else.

I would consider myself more of a Generalist than to be in a specific area, since I just like to learn every aspect of making a game. So even though I focused on studying scripting and design, I still tried to develop my skills as an artist with blender and photoshop in my off time. With that said I believe most of my experience and where I have most fun is in Gameplay Design and Level Design.


Unreal Engine 4 Experience

Unity Engine Experience

C# Coding Experience

Blender Experience

Adobe Photoshop Experience

Teamwork Experience